I am beaming at Venedel's beautiful compositions! I use her music in my clinic and treatment rooms. They are gorgeous, delicate, subtle and soothing.”

— Mona Chopra, Licensed Acupuncturist, People Tree Wellness

I love Venedel's music. It puts me in total relaxation with the space and sound of distant shores. I am a pre-school teacher and play her music because it helps the children relax and feel calm during their rest time. I am grateful for her gift.”

— Lizae Reyes, Pre-School Teacher, Healing Harpist

Every time we play Venedel's music at our teahouse it emanates a soothing healing energy throughout the space where anyone walking in can instantly feel they've entered a sanctuary. Thank you for helping to sculpt and set energy at Sereni-Tea through your beautiful music, Venedel! Whenever we play your albums the Light~filled energy flowing through the songs radiates in all directions from the Heart of Mount Shasta.”

— Vixie Javier, Owner, Sereni-Tea

Venedel's music is very relaxing and grounding. I play it while I carve my wood sculptures. Her music is great accompaniment while I work.”

— Mamerto "Lagitan" Tindongan, Mumbaki, Wood Sculpter, Tindongan Wood Sculptures

I work with children and the first day I played Venedel's music, one of them told me, 'This is really nice music.' Venedel’s music is inspiring and absolutely wonderful. Her songs are so beautiful. I love them!" ”

— Tamika Williams

Venedel's music touches my students through their heart and soul when I teach. I teach Kundalini yoga, YogaNidra and Yin Yoga, meditation, imaging, etc... Each sound carries into the flow to uplift and transform each moment beyond just the physical world. Thank you very much!”

— Ruby Amasharan Wong, Yoga Instructor